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Have you always wanted to know how much high class las vegas escorts earn? Maybe you are considering the idea of venturing into the industry. Perhaps, you think you have what it takes to become a successful companion in this category. Well, there many reasons why you may want to know the earnings of these models.

Generally, earnings of las vegas escorts are influenced by several factors. For instance, the popularity of a companion influences how much she earns every month. Popular companions have more regular clients. That means they can attend to more clients than new companions with few clients.

Additionally, whether a companion works independently or under an agency influences her earnings. Independent companions decide the amount to charge clients. On the other hand, agency girls charge the fee set by the agencies they work for. And unlike agency girls, independent companions do not split their earnings with anybody.

Approximate Earnings of High Class Las Vegas Escorts

Earnings of these models tend to grow enormously. However, the amount that most temptresses make depends on the number of hours they work every week. The number of bookings these models have every month or week also influence their earnings.

The approximate amount that a model in this category earns per session is $300. However, this varies depending on the duration of the session. The amount one client gives as a tip can also be different from the amount that another client gives. Nevertheless, the amount earned by these models is higher than the amount earned by normal companions.

For instance, some high class escorts earn the amount earned by normal companions throughout the week in a single session. Additionally, these models go to high end restaurants, beautiful hotels, and they interact with high profile people. Thus, these are not companions to be found in ordinary places.

How High Class Las Vegas Escorts Differ From Regular Companions

Normal companions are ladies that are booked by just anybody with money. As long as you can afford the price of these models, you can book them. Las vegas escorts on the other hand are beauty goddesses that hang out with VIPs. Their rates are high and only wealthy people can afford their lifestyles.

Additionally, these ladies are well-educated. They provide companionship to high profile men that want to maintain high public profiles. These ladies present a perfect combination of beauty, intelligence and exceptional abilities to entertain men physically and mentally. Every man will admire a companion in this category the moment he sees her photo. However, not every man with money can have a chance to hang out with these models. That’s because they attend to the need of the select few.

Book vegas escorts with a reputable agency to enjoy a truly VIP experience!

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